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Michele Aboro - The best female boxer the UK ever had

Updated: Mar 18

There’s undefeated champions and undefeated world champions. And then there are undefeated world champions who fought the best and beat the best. Aboro, along with Germany’s Regina Halmich and Holland’s Lucia Rikjer belongs in the latter echelon.

There are no flies on the Germans when it comes to moving the industry forward. When female boxers like Halmich were drawing 13 million-plus viewers on ZDF, the British Boxing Board were arguing in court that female boxing should be banned. Thank the lord then for British jurisprudence but the Board hindered development and that forced Peckham born Aboro to move her career to Germany.

Michele finished her pro career with a record of 21-0 and reigning undefeated WIBF world super bantamweight champion.

Post boxing, Aboro also operated as an in-demand sound engineer for some of Amsterdam’s top bands. Many of them never even knew about her boxing.

WPB intend to collate all the original footage of this remarkable athlete and turn it into a documentary so - watch this space.



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