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Marshall beating Rankin was not the best win ever by a female UK Boxer

Updated: Jun 28, 2023

These plaudits from her Sky Broadcasters made an Arthur Daley quip look honest.

Hannah Rankin was not only a fellow Brit but a fighter with no amateur record and limited skills.

Rankin made Marshall look out of this world but the question still begs - is Marshall out of this world anyway though? It’s possible, but at the moment we really don’t know.

I do get the distinct impression also that Savannah is less likely to duck a fight with Claressa Shields than the other way around. Shields has made a habit of defeating, on points, a medley of less than average European contenders and labelling herself the GOAT.

She’s now switched to MMA and claims that the sport of boxing has overlooked her.

My belief is that she doesn’t fancy a rematch with a Marshall who beat her in the amateurs.

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